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Who are we?
We are Tervezo, Your Missing Element.


Tervezo – The Hungarian word for “design”.

Tervezo was founded by an ambitious American in 2011 in a tiny office in Vilnius, Lithuania, Europe. Where it grew from a pocket-size venture to a global company delivering digital services in the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, France and Netherlands. 

Filling in the missing pieces globally

Globality is not just about location. In today's market a company is affected as much by its environment as it is its decisions. Wether our client's do business world-wide or just in one city, we are constantly scouring the planet for new techniques, best practices and innovations in their respective industries. The internet as given us an unprecedented view of competition even between companies that never meet each other on the open market--we leverage that to make each of our clients best in class.

What is your missing element?

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Each of our team members were selected not just for their prowess in their field but for their style of thinking. Anyone can follow directions, but at Tervezo we inspire our people to think behind the words on the scoping documents and to see our client's true needs. If we, as the builders of their dreams buy into those dreams, we become partners in the business even if just for a little while. Through that partnership, is where we have found true digital success is to be found. 

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We are always happy to make valuable new contacts and are looking forward to receiving your mail or call. Even if you’re not sure we’ll be the right ones for your project. We’re always open to a chat and will be happy to help – of course also in person, wherever you are.